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Frequently Asked Questions On Tooth Whitening

What Is Tooth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a process that "bleaches" the teeth, removing it of stains on the enamel and also dentin to influence a lightening of any type of discoloration present. A typical tooth lightening treatment uses carbamide peroxide put over a custom-made mouth-guard used over the teeth.

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What Is Tooth Discoloration?
Specifying tooth staining relies on its several reasons and also it is very important to compare an external and internal stain.

• exterior discolorations: cigarette, tea, coffee and juices like grape and apple, coffee, tea as well as tobacco

• inner stains: too much fluoride (during teeth formation), aging, trauma, nerve deneration, tetracycline (while teeth are forming).

Only specialist bleaching treatments such as the customized tray lightening could get rid of both inner and exterior discolorations. Over the counter tooth lightening items like tooth pastes just get rid of the external discolorations.

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That Can Undergo Tooth Whitening?

Anybody can take advantage of a tooth whitening procedure. A certain procedure though could be less reliable for some people. Patients whose teeth are tarnished by tetracycline could experience trouble in achieving the preferred whiteness. People with veneers, crowns or dental fillings may also experience irregular whiteness because these oral fixtures do not whiten along with the remainder of the teeth.

Can A Pregnant or Nursing Female Bleach Her Teeth?

It is recommended as well as dental practitioners concur that a pregnant lady and nursing mommy ought to prevent any kind of teeth lightening procedure. The factor for this is there's no scientific research studies done yet to figure out the results of the whitening agents to a woman's health and wellness if she's expecting or nursing.

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Whys Are There Pearly whites That Do Not Whiten Evenly With The Relax?

The sides of your teeth as well as the biting edges whiten more quickly compared to the remainder. This is so due to the thicker enamel in these areas. Teeth with thicker enamel respond faster to the lightening agent than teeth with thinner enamel. Proceed with your bleaching procedure and the whiteness will level at some point.

Is Tooth Lightening Safe?

The most favored tooth bleaching treatment is the tailor-made tray whitening that makes use of carbamide peroxide. This treatment, when done under the supervision of an oral medical care expert or a dental practitioner, is secure. There's no danger of the bleaching representative damaging your teeth and also gums. It also does not harm the enamel or create any kind of tooth weakening. The only short term side-effect is tooth sensitivity which vanishes swiftly when the procedure is stopped.

If your have any more inquiries that concern you however are not reviewed in this short article, consult your dental expert. The more you learn about tooth lightening, the more certain you will be of any kind of treatment you will choose.